Fantasurreal (instrumental)

by Setting Sun



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instrumental versions of Fantasurreal
The title to Setting Sun’s fourth album, Fantasurreal, is the perfect made-up combination of two words to capture the spirit and sound of the record. Largely the work of one man, Gary Levitt, Setting Sun creates a fantastical mix of whimsy and brightly hued pop matched to a surreal lyrical sensibility that’s the product of either a vivid imagination or some good drugs. Cuts like the leadoff “Driving” and the six-minute paean to sustained adolescence, “Don’t Grow Up,” recall Grandaddy in their mutations of organic instrumentation.
On the latter, Levitt seems fond of tape saturation as well, pushing the cut’s big drum beat into the red for a fuzzy tom sound. Here We Go Magic’s Jennifer Turner joins him for “Into the Wire,” which turns out to be lyrically more mundane, with Levitt singing about doing dishes, cleaning the bathroom and making the bed over a sparkling pop melody. Perhaps most out-there (or “fantasurreal,” to use the new parlance) is “The Sympathetic CEO” which is sung from the point of view of an executive sitting on top of the world, though, it sounds like it comes from the bottom of the deep blue. Whatever, you want to call it, Setting Sun has made an album that’s wonderfully weird. - Limewire


released June 1, 2010

Gary Levitt sang and played everything except:
Erica Quitzow - Vocals 1, 8, Violin 3-4, 7, 9, Cello 4 Bass 3
Lawrence Roper - Vocals 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9
‘Big Comfy’ Couch Kolding - Drums 1-3, 6-8, 10

Jennifer Turner - Vocals 5, Bass 5
Jonny Pancake - Drums 4, 5, 9
Jamie Krauss - Trumpet 2, 6
Lee Petruzzeli - Trumpet 8
Hannah Segrave - Vocals 3
John Burdick - Electric guitar 6, 8

Produced recorded and mixed by Gary Levitt
Recorded at Young Love Studio
All songs by Gary Levitt except:
'Make You Feel' & 'Handsome Bride' by Gary Levitt & Lawrence Roper
'Into the Wire' by Gary Levitt & Jennifer Turner
'The Tree' by Gary Levitt & Erica Quitzow

Cover painting by Alex ‘Warble’ Harrison
Mastered by Kevin McMahon
©2010 Gary Levitt BMI |



all rights reserved


Setting Sun Brooklyn, New York

Unobtrusively, the band mixes synth experimentalism in with its folky, string-band sound to great effect." - NPR

"Dramatic and poignant! - NPR

“Incredibly well-crafted songs – USA Today

“Setting Sun create an Arcade Fire urgency, creating sweeping orchestrations, driving rhythms. delicate, hushed vocals and well-crafted pop songs". - Pop Matters
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