holed up

by Setting Sun

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The debut! Recorded quickly and quietly with 2 microphones in an apt in San Francisco 2001.


released November 1, 2002

all instruments played by Gary Levitt
except cello by Eli Moore
some keys and backup vocals by Eric Layer
recorded, mixed and mastered by Gary Levitt



all rights reserved


Setting Sun Brooklyn, New York

Unobtrusively, the band mixes synth experimentalism in with its folky, string-band sound to great effect." - NPR

"Dramatic and poignant! - NPR

“Incredibly well-crafted songs – USA Today

“Setting Sun create an Arcade Fire urgency, creating sweeping orchestrations, driving rhythms. delicate, hushed vocals and well-crafted pop songs". - Pop Matters
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Track Name: The Only One
You're the only one I had to be there for
There's an absence and a spark
that I just can not ignore
You're the only one
You're the only one
that ever loved,
really loved me
that ever loved,
really loved me
It's all the same, but it's
not the same at all
I wonder where you are
I wonder where you'll go...
You're the only one...
Track Name: I've Been Hit
I've Been Hit

Runnin around
with this fear all over my face.
hitting the ground...
I can't seem to maintain my space.
falling all around
stumbling through this crumblin' town
walkin' to the sounds
that I know is not just for them
it's not just for them.
I have been hit, oh breathe in...
playing pound for pound
hittin' my mark only to come down
all the street's shit brown
and I can't seem to pick up my face.
the tears of a clown
call out for all but don't make a sound.
and when I come around
to what I know is not just for them
it's not just for them...
I have been hit, breathe in...
Track Name: Love is...
Love is...

Love is the cruelest thing I've ever seen
it hurts deeper than anything
oh why, do I die?
when I can live all alone in a place truly unknown
It's hard to see that it's all me
when something's got to change Lord
I don't want to die to feel.
But I am not alive, I need to heal
Caught in between
fascination with the chaos queen
and the love of love being something new to come by
oh why do I die?
When I have me, I am free
But oh to become so undone
Oh don't you know it's a crime what you've done to me this time
I don't want to die to feel.
But I am not alive, I need to heal
I have feared to much... (that's why she had to go)
And I, I feel too much... (you talk too slow)
And I fear too much... (so now we'll never know)
I don't want to die to feel.
But I am not alive, I need to heal
Track Name: Oh My God
Oh My God!

Yesterday, when I woke up in between
all had seemed rearranged to be drained
And that's the day that I broke just like the yoke
from between all the seems that had changed
I was like oh-oh...
Tired of these dreams that keep chasing after me
and I'm tired of the things that I think that I should be
tired of places I think I should see
And I'm tired of history
Oh my God!
All my life's in harmony you'll wonder how much further will it be
till your existence comes to rest
then that's the time that we'll all sense
these ways are wired, my wheels they're tired
please pull them off when it gets tough enogh to grab at stuff... to steal
Oh my God! Who's callin?
Oh my God! Here we go again
Oh my God! I'm falling
Oh my God! Will it ever end?

lyrics by Gary Levitt and Sam Omeechevarria
Track Name: There we go Again
There we go again

there she goes again right into another man
she just can't seem to stand standing on her own, all alone
even though she knows that we're always alone.
You turned out your plan just like you did with every other.
we went in and out, I fell through, you hung on to someone you
know you know that we're always alone
so I rescind on my sweetness, now that I see how you used it
I rescind on my sweetness, know that I see we lose yea
you made it easy to hate you.
Thanks for making it easy to hate you
it wasn't enough to know I was still there
Track Name: Feed the Fire
feed the fire
one day you're gonna break the news to yourself
and feed the fire
one day you're gonna bring the noose to yourself
and feed the fire
Track Name: No Withstanding
No Withstanding

day after day, they fade in between and right through to tomorrow
yea what a scheme
and all the while, we rant and rave and run
and live for a while, please help us get on
and then let us know...
please, no withstanding
the things I don't want to see seem to always come back to me
I tied up their line traces seeing warning signs through the trees
where I left a part of me
please, no withstanding
don't you fight it's not worth the cost of it
I've seen it's marks and they fit so right
Track Name: In a Lifetime
In a Lifetime

Its been running out a little late, and it's gone in a lifetime.
you been speaking up too little too late now it's done in your time, disintegrate.
It's a fault of the earth, a spit in the sea, a desert lifetime
It's fleetingness, it seem to be a rather thin line. As I wait for my birth expecting to see a sign of life inside this dream. It's all I know, and the ever after calls, ever after calls.
Watch where you're walkin when it's cold and dark on the inside.
These dreams are haunted I'm under a spell I cannot seem to ride.
Won't you join me in my shell
i think I'm gonna stay here
I think I'm gonna stay
Track Name: Past the Point of Why
Past the point
Damn these devils demons got what's best of me.
I've been down with four dead flowers and a woman with no mercy
Let me out of your playground, this dance is on fire.
Our dance has turned to ash with no vision to aspire
I reep the benefits, I've reeped some benefits
You're love was something, our love was something too

If there's a way that I can break this I would smash it to be set free we
learned to make it, lived to take it, soaked ourselves got satiated
Oh it hurts to hear you say it...

"I've reeped the benefits, I've reeped some benefits
Your love was something, our love was something too."
Now I've passed the line tonight. I've passed the point of why
Wherever reason lies or hides.
Track Name: It's Light
it's light
you have no self respect, you just drown yourself in check
doesn't it always seem a wreck when you cme around
now you know anything can go
you know the rules to this, when we swing sometimes we miss
isn't there always such a twist when it goes down
now you know anything can go
oh it's light to see it all
I'll just sit tight in awe
you caught the speedy glance, now we wait for circumstance
button down and not so fast, see you blow away
now you know anything can go
see i'm lying in this mess, all alone not loneliness
while the night is in suspense waiting for the day
and the day it will surely come
just as i am a setting sun with light to see it all
I'll just sit tight in awe
and it's just another moment in time for you and me,
and it's just another moment in time to be.
Track Name: Holy Days
When a whisper has turned to a shout
Maybe this time it's a good word
If words could only say the way it plays
The meanings that we've made
out of fear 'cause we're afraid
Lord I need a holy day
All we have is time, but all the while
The serene scene can change into a shit pile
And birds will gather 'round and let off their sighs
to see the shit we've made
and all the money that was saved
Lord I need a holy day
Until I saw your face on a cigar
The dream was out of place, but there you are
Shining like the brightest beautiful star
that you are, that you are
That you wanted to be
Oh Lord you make me see this holy day
After all the time has come and gone
Guitar strings and I sing a song gone wrong
All those papers that hit the ground
just don't blow away
It's the waste that we make
and all the hours that it takes
Makes me need for a holy day
Track Name: Fell off the Beaten Path
You fell off the beaten path
Or did you just get beaten off the path
Traveling in circles through the days that you knew it was over
So you dressed it in blue...you

It's always one or the other
And one you may choose
Can't distinguish one another, standing in your worn shoes
But the walls of your apartment stand for you and just you
To sleep the nightime through

You're such a stranger
When you stand on the other side
Flirting with the stranger
I want to see what you want to hide

You're getting to be so fast
Making things move too quickly in the past
There's more for the taking than you'll ever know
You shake your head, but you know that it's so

Oh when four in the morning comes and there's nowhere to fall
There is no one to call so you just build a home

To be with the stranger
There I am on the other side
Flirting with the stranger
I want to see what you want to hide